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Zippy Paws Rope Gliderz - Halloween

Zippy Paws Rope Gliderz - Halloween

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Zippy Paws Rope Gliderz are the bright, fun frisbee that allows for long and impressive throws, making them perfect for outdoor play.

Bright colours and patterns of the frisbees make them highly visible, ensuring that your dog will never lose sight of them during playtime.

This toy is tougher than its plastic flying disc pals, all thanks to its strong and stretchy fabric materials. It's like a soft hug for your dog's teeth and can handle lots of playful supervised chomping, tugging, and more. ZippyPaws is all about creating paws-itively perfect designs and top-notch quality.


  • Durable - This disc toy is tough and suitable even for aggressive chewers. For the pup who loves to catch and retrieve, these Rope Gliderz are ideal for outdoor fun!
  • Quality Materials - Made of real mountain climbing rope and sturdy nylon material, this toy is easy to throw far and light enough to fetch again and again.
  • Lightweight - Containing no stuffing, this toy is light and easy to carry for dogs of any size or age.
  • Colourful - This brightly coloured toy is great for indoor and outdoor play since it stands out in the grass and is highly visible for a fun game of toss.
  • Zippypaws Quality - ZippyPaws means design and quality.

Size: Approx. 25cm diameter

Design: Halloween

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