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Yeowww! Butterfly Red

Yeowww! Butterfly Red

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Enjoy this meow-tamorphosis to greater catnip fun with the Yeowww! Butterfly Crinkle & Catnip Cat Toy!

Let your cat wing it with this whacky catnip butterfly! The Yeowww! Butterfly Catnip Toy is packed with 100% certified organic farm-grown catnip to give your cat a healthy dose of this irresistible treat! The crinkly butterfly wings bring an extra crunchy texture and sound that cats love, giving your feline friend more stimulation for maximum playtime. The wings also make it easy for your cat to carry from one place to another. Great for batting, pawing, and kicking, this butterfly helps your cat fly high with plenty of entertaining activity!


  • Butterfly-shaped cat toy stuffed with 100% certified organic American farm-grown catnip
  • Designed with crinkly paper in the wings for extra stimulation and fun for your pet
  • No cotton or plastic fillers - just pure catnip inside the toy!
  • Easy for your cat to carry and indulge in kicking, batting, and pawing play
  • Catnip grown and harvested without the use of chem
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