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Pixi Whiskers Treat Dispenser - White

Pixi Whiskers Treat Dispenser - White

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Self-righting cat treat dispenser

At just the right size for playful swatting and pouncing, the Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser is an adorable little treat toy that helps keep your cat entertained. The weighted bottom makes the toy wobble and return to its upright position as your cat paws and paws to get the treats out. The Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser is available in a cute mouse shape as well as a rooster design.

  • A slow feeding toy like the Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser is a great way to reward your cat for their active, playful behavior. The toy’s inner compartment is easy to fill – you twist off the top, insert some treats, and let your cat have at it. The toy doesn’t take any batteries, so it’s always ready to go. The treat compartment is also conveniently transparent so you know at a glance when to put in more treats.
  • The red rooster and white mouse-shaped Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser both have a real sweetness about them, and your cat will definitely agree as soon as these little critters are filled with some yummy treats.
  • Our feline friends will always be predators at heart, and even the fluffiest couch potatoes among cats have a healthy hunting instinct. The Catit PIXI Treat Dispenser has openings in its transparent body through which your cat can smell the treats inside, enticing them to try and win those delicious goodies. 
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