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Petoneer Smart Dot

Petoneer Smart Dot

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The Petoneer Smart Play Dot is a fabulous interactive toy that stimulates chasing and hunting instincts in your cat. Its the perfect interactive cat toy for cats who spend time home alone. Simply set and play - no need to hold a laser pen, this device does it for you! With a user-friendly app, you can select the trajectory for the laser - small, middle, and long - as well as schedule times of the day for the light to turn on. You can even direct the laser directly, allowing for personalised play with your kitty, thanks to the smart phones gravity acceleration sensors.

Key Features

Smart Dot laser toy
Fully automated, leave it to entertain your kitty when theyre home alone!
Easily controlled via an app on your phone
Schedule it to turn on at specific times of the day
3 trajectory options for automatic play - small, middle, and long
Red dot can also be controlled direclty with your phone, for complete interaction with your kitty
Safety: Laser toys are not recommended for dogs, as they may increase the likelihood of obsessive light chasing behaviours.


Size 122mm (H) x 90mm (W)

Weight: 173g

Contents included:
1. Smart dot
2. 1.2m Micro USB Cable
3. QIG
Wall plug not included

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