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Outward Hound Surprise Tailz 2-in-1 Ball + Plush Toy

Outward Hound Surprise Tailz 2-in-1 Ball + Plush Toy

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This one-of-a-kind dog toy gives your pet double the entertainment! The Surprise Tailz features a bouncy ball with an entire stuffing-free plush toy inside! This toy is intended to be a fun and challenging puzzle game for your dog, and the rainbow tail of the plush sticks out so that your pet can grab and remove the plush toy from the ball. You can refill the ball again and again with the toy, or you can add your pet’s favourite treats or kibble inside for a treat-dispensing ball toy instead! The plush toy will be one of 3 exclusive Outward Hound Characters (Uma the Unicorn, Marley the Monkey or Charlie the Cheetah) and has crunchy crinkle paper inside for irresistible crunchy noises and textures your dog will love.


  • Mystery 2-in-1 ball and plush dog toy set for double the fun for your pet!
  • Bouncy ball with hidden plush toy inside with tail sticking out for your dog to remove
  • Ball can be used for treat-dispensing fun or as a go-to fetch and catch ball for outdoor fun
  • Stuffing-free plush toy with super long and colourful rainbow fuzzy tail that your dog will love to chase and hunt!
  • Plush includes crinkle paper for crunchy sounds and textures your dog will enjoy
  • Ideal for small to medium-sized dogs
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