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Mister Woof Teddy Jumper Berry

Mister Woof Teddy Jumper Berry

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Harness keyhole for easy and comfortable walks.
- Keep your dog warm and cosy.
- Versatile neck to mix up their style.
- Reduces dog hair around your home.
- Easy to wash and maintain.
- Designed and made in Melbourne, Australia.

You'll be oozing coolness in the Berry Teddy Jumper, our latest must have jumper for winter. We've crafted this look out of our two favourite jumpers and combined it into one, you'll find the loose fit from our hoodies matched with the cool turtleneck collar. Don't forget to add a lightweight fitted turtleneck underneath for extra layers or to create that double layer look. Featuring a keyhole opening, our Berry Teddy Jumper will have heads turning at the dog park.

Neck: 33cm | 13" (fits up to)
Chest: 48cm | 19" (fits up to)
Back: 26cm | 10"
Size: Italian Greyhound, Mini Dachshund, Jack Russell

Roughly suits a 4kg dog.

Neck: 46cm | 18" (fits up to)
Chest: 55cm | 21½" (fits up to)
Back: 35cm | 13½"
Size: French Bulldog, Mini Schnauzer, Pug, Cavalier

Roughly suits a 6kg dog.

Neck: 47cm | 18½" (fits up to)
Chest: 65cm | 25½" (fits up to)
Back: 40cm | 16"
Size: French Bulldog, Pug, Dachshund, Cocker Spaniel

Roughly suits a 10kg dog.

Neck: 53cm | 21" (fits up to)
Chest: 72cm | 28½" (fits up to)
Back: 44cm | 17"
Size: Sheepadoodle

Roughly suits a 13kg dog.

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