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Mighty Chomp Coffee Wood Bone

Mighty Chomp Coffee Wood Bone

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Introducing the Mighty Chomp Coffee Wood Bone – the ideal solution for our beloved furry friends who adore chomping while offering a safe and enjoyable outlet for their chewing instincts, steering them away from household items. This coffee wood stick is designed to bring joy and health to our four-legged companions.

Key Features:
- Natural Feel: Crafted to provide a genuine and natural feel, resembling a stick from the great outdoors.
- Safety First: The stick naturally flakes instead of splinters, ensuring an extra layer of safety during your pet's chewing sessions.
- Dental Health: The stick's surface serves a dual purpose by not only offering a unique texture but also aiding in cleaning teeth and gums during play.
- Sustainable Source: Made from sustainably grown and harvested Java wood sourced from coffee trees, contributing to environmental responsibility.
- Quality Assurance: The wood undergoes a thorough grading, drying, and sanding process to guarantee safety and durability.
- Brain Stimulation: Beyond physical benefits, the Mighty Chomp stick stimulates your furry friend's brain, offering a healthy distraction from undesirable behaviors.
- Mental and Physical Stimulation: Designed to provide both mental and physical stimulation, promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle for your pet.

Sizes (Approximate):
Small: 14 x 5.5cm
Large: 20 x 7.5cm

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