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LickiMat Splash Wall + Floor Suction Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Blue

LickiMat Splash Wall + Floor Suction Slow Feeder Dog Bowl - Blue

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LickiMat® Splash™ is the perfect distractor for grooming and bathing. Also perfect for vertical surfaces.

The Splash is the only LickiMat with a suction cup. Please spray the surface with water before applying for maximum strength.

  • Textured pet treat mat and bowl designed to help combat boredom
  • Features a suction-cup base to stick to flat, smooth surfaces like the side of the tub, on the side of windows, etc.
  • Can be used as a slow-feeding treat or food mat to help prolong meal and treat times - prevents indigestion and choking
  • Great to use as a medical-free way to help calm and soothe pets
  • Made from non-toxic and food-grade TPR and PET materials
  • Safe for dishwasher use and can be placed in freezer for frozen treats

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm

If you've ever looked for a way to keep your dog occupied in a wide variety of situations, the the LickiMat Splash is for you! With its high quality suction cup, the LickiMat Splash can stick to all sorts of surfaces. Simply spray the surface with water and press dow

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