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HugSmart Puzzle Hunter Happy Circus

HugSmart Puzzle Hunter Happy Circus

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The playtime performance has begun with the Happy Circus hide-and-seek plush puzzle dog toy set by HugSmart. Simply pop those Little minis into the Big top tent and put your dog to work at getting them out. The tent can be used with other mini toys and even pop some treats in it to mix up play time.


  • Hide-and-seek plush puzzle game for dogs
  • Circus Tent Hide and Seek Toy
  • Includes 3 x plush toys all with internal squeaker
  • Mini Toys include, 1 x popcorn, 1 x Ball and 1 x Rabbit in a Hat
  • Helps fight boredom and engages your dogs mind
  • Enrichment through play helps keep your pup happy and healthy
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