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HempPet Conditioner for Dogs

HempPet Conditioner for Dogs

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Hemp Pet's Hemp Dog Conditioner is designed to be part of the HEMPOLISTIC approach to your pets' care.


Our all-natural dog conditioning formula is perfectly balanced with essential oils of lavender, tea tree and peppermint. With the addition of hemp oil, it's abundant in high-quality nutrients that help maintain, replenish and restore your dog's coat.

The formula is all-natural, paraben and silicone-free, and will not leave harmful residues that dry out your dog's coat.

Our products help revitalize your dog's looks by moisturizing their skin to make it feel fresher and smoother. They also have a pleasant smell that comes from eliminating bacteria that causes odours in hair as well as restoring its lustre.

Resulting in a healthy-looking, super cuddly dog, who smells amazing!

Your dog will love it, so will you!

Hemp Pet's Hemp Dog Conditioner works best in conjunction with

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