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Fringe Studios Minis Sealed With A Kiss

Fringe Studios Minis Sealed With A Kiss

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 Lovely as a Valentine’s Day gift for your pet, the Fringe Studio’s PetShop Valentine’s Sealed With A Kiss 3-Piece Small Plush Dog Toy Set offers your dog triple the love and triple the squeaky fun! Each plush and squeaky envelope has its own adorable look and contains one squeaker to help keep your dog entertained and engaged for prolonged playtime. You can use these small dog toys with burrow or hide-and-seek pet toys to challenge your dog into more exciting, mentally stimulating activities.


  • Valentine’s Day 3-pack plush & squeaky dog toys featuring adorable love letters!
  • One squeaker inside each toy to prolog playtime for your dog and add extra entertainment
  • Can be used with compatible burrowing or hide-and-seek puzzle toys for dogs for more challenging fun
  • Great for multi-pet homes and ideal for all dogs to enjoy!


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