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Field Day Skin + Coat Support Omega Oil 150gr

Field Day Skin + Coat Support Omega Oil 150gr

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Skin & Coat Support Omega Oil is an easy-to-use supplement that naturally promotes healthy skin, a shiny coat & may relieve allergies. 

Dogs of all ages and breeds can suffer from skin & coat problems, especially in the spring and summer months. Scientifically formulated by a team of experts with Hemp Seed Oil & Human-grade Algae Oil. This oil supplement is rich in Omegas and packed with DHA, all essential nutrients often lacking from a dog’s regular diet that naturally supports a dog’s skin & coat health. 

This easy-to-use supplement is in an airless pump bottle that locks out oxygen and protects the oil from losing its effectiveness. Simply pump onto your dog’s regular wet or dry food to support your dog’s skin & coat health.

World First Airless Pump: 

  • Protects the oil from oxidising
  • Easy to use at mealtime with a simple pump action

Key Omega Oil Benefits: 

  • Improves Skin Health, Nourishes a Shiny Coat, May Relieve Allergies

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