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Dogness Mini 2L Feeder - White

Dogness Mini 2L Feeder - White

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Dogness Smart Automatic Feeder for Small Pets -

The Dogness Smart Automatic Pet Feeder is a convenient pet feeding solution for the modern pet parent. Connecting to your phone via the Dogness APP, available on Apple and IOS devices.

This Wi-Fi enabled feeder allows you to feed your pet on scheduled meal times or on demand, all at your fingertips while seeing your pet and home.

You can customize your pet's meals with flexible portions from 5 - 75 grams and up to 6 meals per day. With portion control and a consistent feeding routine, it's easy to manage your pet's weight or help with weight loss for your overweight pet. It also has battery back up protection, in case of power outage, a stainless steel dishwasher-safe bowl and a manual mode so you can override the programmed settings and feed your pet anytime.

If you're constantly worried your pet's eating too much or not enough, or are looking for an easy feeding solution when your boss asks you to work back or when taking those short trips away, then this smar

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