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Dehydrated Australian Single Ingredient Sardines 100gr

Dehydrated Australian Single Ingredient Sardines 100gr

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Sardines are a complete protein meaning they are loaded with all of the essential amino acids that your dog's body needs to be healthy.
They are packed with omega 3 fatty acids that can help to reduce inflammation of your dog's skin, coat and joints. One of the omega 3 fatty acids in sardines is DHA. This fatty acid is vital to cognitive function and eye health. DHA is especially important for puppies and senior pets, supporting growth and minimising the signs of ageing.
They offer moderate levels of calcium and phosphorus, needed to support a dogs skeletal structure.
Another vital nutrient in sardines is coenzyme10 which supports a dogs heart function.

100% Australian Sardines - no added nasties.

Suitable for dogs on a raw diet.

Single ingredient.

Ensure clean, fresh water is readily available for your dog.

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