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Dehydrated Australian Single Ingredient Salmon

Dehydrated Australian Single Ingredient Salmon

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100% Australian Salmon - no added nasties.

Suitable for dogs on a raw diet.

Single ingredient.

Ensure clean, fresh water is readily available for your dog.

Salmon is full of so much goodnesss. Rich in vitamin D, which aids muscle and bone health, packed with Omega 3 which aid in skin, coat and heart health and high in protein which aids tissue repair and immunity.

Salmon Jerky is sliced pieces of skin of salmon fillets. Very crumbly and best used as a topper.

Salmon Fins are a great small dental chew for dogs who love their seafood.

Salmon Bites are cubed pieces of skin on salmon fillets. They are great as a treat or sprinkled on food as a delicious topper and a way of getting fussy eaters to eat their meal.

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