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Chuckit! Fold + Fetch 25M Launcher

Chuckit! Fold + Fetch 25M Launcher

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A highly versatile ball launcher for games of fetch on the go, the Chuckit! Fetch and Fold Launcher boasts the same fantastic launching capabilities as full-sized launchers, along with the convenience of being able to fold it up and stow it away for easy transport.

Boasting a durable nylon hinge lock, this ball launcher can neatly be carried in your purse, bag, or even a back pocket when out and about. The comfy handle allows for easy gripping and better control, while the rubber ball that comes in the pack ensures you'll be ready to start playing from the get-go.

  • Neatly folding Chuckit! Launcher for enhanced portability
  • Delivers the same launching capabilities as standard Chuckit! Launchers
  • Secure and durable nylon hinge lock
  • Launcher comes with a medium-sized rubber fetch ball
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