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Brightkins Smarty Pooch Training Clicker - Doggy

Brightkins Smarty Pooch Training Clicker - Doggy

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Add some style to your training routine with the Puppy Smarty Pooch™ Training Clicker. Designed for use in all kinds of positive reinforcement training routines and dog games, these dog training clickers help you mark and reward your dog's good behaviors.Simply click the button to mark a desired behavior, follow up with a treat reward, and repeat, learn, and grow!

In addition to featuring the clear, crisp "click!" of traditional dog training clickers, our Smarty Pooch™ Training Clickers elevate your training game with our eye-catching design. Made from durable plastic, each of our dog training clickers also comes with a sturdy coil bracelet that helps you take your training on walks, trips to the dog park, or anywhere in between! Use these clickers as essential puppy supplies, or teach your old dog new tricks! With their fun, functional designs, these dog activity toys also make great dog birthday toys, as well as thoughtful gifts for dog par

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