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Brightkins Cupcake Party Treat Puzzle

Brightkins Cupcake Party Treat Puzzle

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Dogs solve boredom-busting challenges as they hunt for their favorite treats in the Cupcake Party! Treat Puzzle. Shaped like a tray of tempting cupcakes, this dog puzzle's four removable cupcake toppers lift off to reveal the tasty treats hidden within. As they sniff out the treats, dogs will use their snoots to build the beginnings of nosework skills and keep their brains boredom-free with the help of this dog enrichment toy. This interactive dog toy is great for first-time puzzlers and veteran sniffers alike, and comes with three challenge levels that grow alongside your dog's skills. The Cupcake Party! Treat Puzzle also doubles as a slow feeder, and encourages fast eaters to take their time and avoid upset stomachs.

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