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Zippy Paws Cheeky Chumz Drake The Dragon

Zippy Paws Cheeky Chumz Drake The Dragon

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The Zippy Paws Cheeky Chumz - Drake the Dragon is a soft yet durable toy and is lined with an extra layer of fabric and comes with a fun squeaker.

This cuddly and lovable plush toy will delight your pooch, and will squeak with delight whenever your furry friend gnaws.

The multi-colored patch on Drake's heart is a symbol of his lifelong dedication to spreading autism awareness.


Extra squeaky and plush dog toy
Includes one Zippy Paws Blaster Squeaker for super loud squeaking fun
Helps keep your dog entertained and combat boredom
Ideal for gentle and cuddly playtime
Supports Autism Awareness
Toy size: Approx 20cm x 11cm

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