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The Cannabis Co Hemp Protein Blend for Pets 500gr

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Recovery Formula for the Animal World

This blend is a recovery assist formula designed to help your fur baby get back to optimal health, fast. It’s chemical free and nutrient dense - the pawfect recipe to help your pet feel and look better. 

Health Benefits 

Hemp Protein and Chickpea Flour provide a nutritious combination of of beneficial fibre, vitamins, omegas and a complex amino acid profile to support overall wellbeing. 

These ingredients are high in protein and abundant in photo-nutrients, but best of all, they are extremely digestible - important to support recovering pets with sensitive tummies. 

Protein Blend for Pets can help in many ways:

  • support digestive health

  • assist with weight gain

  • assist recovery from surgery

  • general health and wellness 

How to Use: 

Add to food every 2-3 days, mixed 1:1 with water.

Serve as a side dish, or mixed into wet food.

Small Dogs (under 10kg) - 1 scoop or less

Medium Dogs (10-20kg) - 1 scoop

Large Dogs (20kg+) - 1-2 scoops

This product has been designed to mix with water to form a paste - making it easy for pets to lick and digest.