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Kong Play Spaces Gingerbread Bungalow

Kong Play Spaces Gingerbread Bungalow

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This is the perfect bachelor pad for your feline friend to curl up in and relax over the Christmas holidays!

Cats are attracted to fun sounds, therefore there is a fun crackly candy toy attached to a stretchy, elastic string to keep your cat engaged

The felt candy toy is stuffed with KONG’s premium North American catnip which is proven to be irresistible to most cats

Cats love a range of textures and this little retreat will not disappoint with its smooth polyester, soft felt, and elastic rope

The bungalow has a festive design with endearing features including a snowman, Christmas tree, mice, snowflakes, and the most important of all - the cat Christmas wish list!

Features a cute peek-a-boo window for hunting and stalking prey

You can place your own soft cushion inside for extra comfort and to keep the bungalow firmly planted on the ground of your home

Provides mental and physical stimulation for cats of all ages

Satisfies your cat’s natural instincts to bat, pounce, and of course sleep!

Provides a comfor

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