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Huds And Toke Roo Lumbar

Huds And Toke Roo Lumbar

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Kangaroo Tail Dog Treats are 100% Kangaroo and are simply the Lumbar region of the roo tail cut into one larger section, wrapped and sold as one whole piece.

They make a great long-lasting chew that dogs who are medium to large sized. A larger dog will gnaw on this for hours and leave completely satisfied!

These treats help promote healthy teeth and gums. They are high in protein and low in fat, hence, making Whole Roo Lumbar Tail a super healthy treat for dogs.

Rich in vitamin B12 and Omega 3 for healthy joints, bones and cell renewal. Great for your dog's immune system.

Dehydrated (NOT COOKED) to lock in the nutrients and flavours.

These treats can double as not only a boredom buster but also to add variety into your dogs diet. Whilst it is not a dog food, it can, however, help compliment your dog food by filling them up with nutritious, low fat Kangaroo Meat.

100% Australian

No preservatives or artificial colors.

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