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Hemp Collective Hemp Pet Balm 30ml

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Hemp Collective hemp Pet balm is packed with the power of natural soothing & nourishing ingredients. Our soothing hemp balm is ideal for rough, cracked paws or specific areas of concern. The amount you use will depend on the shape & size of your furry friend, but the best news is, you can’t overdo it. It’s made in Australia and safe to lick (we get it, furry friends, it smells delicious). It’s a nourishing combination of powerful anti-inflammatory


Why use a Pet Balm?

Hemp can be consumed or applied in a variety of ways – from hemp seeds to topical oils. And here at Hemp Collective, we’ve crafted a nourishing hemp balm that is loved by humans and pets in equal measure.

It’s packed with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, which are perfect for sore joints, cracked paws and skin conditions. And a sure-fire way to tell if a product is good for you is by taking a look at the ingredients list. After all, it should go without saying that what you’re putting on your skin should be pronounceable. 

Benefits for your Pets

The Hemp Collective hemp balm can help target  skin conditions and inflammation. It’s made in Australia and safe to lick (we get it, furry friends, it smells delicious). And what’s more, it’s suitable for human use too. Great for:

– Sore Joints

– Cracked Paws

– General skin irritations and moisturising the skin


PLEASE FOLLOW DIRECTIONS ON PRODUCT. Please note that all information provided by our team is for reference purposes only, and does not constitute veterinarian advice. The hemp supplements listed are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or replace conventional medication.