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Coachi Multi-Clicker Navy + Coral

Coachi Multi-Clicker Navy + Coral

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Clicker training is easy, fun and effective! This popular training method uses positive reinforcement to pinpoint and reward specific good behaviour.

Volume Control

The Coachi Multi-Clicker has a patented volume control with 3 settings, allowing you to adjust for nervous and sound sensitive dogs and to cater for those more boisterous canines!

Easy to hold

It has a raised thumb-piece for easy use and an adjustable wrist strap for the perfect fit, so great for children and adults, its even reflective too!

Clicker training

The Coachi Whizzclick clicker, has a very clear sound, it's easy and comfortable to press and use. The whistle produces a single tone that travels well in open spaces.

Fun to train

Great for teaching fun tricks as well as basic commands, like sit, down and stay.

Why choose a dog clicker?

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